Raízen makes available all policies and procedures that must be known and used by third parties. We aim at guiding our partners and future partners on what we expect as regards ethics and transparency when carrying on activities, establishing a successful partnership that values business legitimacy.



Intellectual Property Policy

Raízen's Intellectual Property Policy (IP) has general IP rules and aims to educate its employees for the management of this matter whenever they are involved in projects, products, research and other actions that result in creations that can be protected and registered.

The company has pre-established institutional criteria on the process of obtaining IP, which may occur before, during and after research and development, as applicable. In addition, the Policy establishes the rules for protection of results, as well as for the management and transfer of rights over intellectual creation.


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Competition Compliance Policy

The Competitive Compliance Policy allows the identification of the risks to which the company is exposed as a result of its commercial activities, as well as establishes the best practices to be adopted in the competitive field.

The evolution of inspections provides legal certainty in the design of commercial practices, and promotes healthy competitiveness for the market and the consumer. This Policy aims to ensure that Raízen will conduct its activities in full compliance with the general principles of competition (antitrust), as well as in accordance with the rules of the Brazilian Competition Defense System.


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Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy

Raízen acts towards prevention of acts contrary to the law and rules of internal conduct. In this respect, the anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy aims at guiding Raízen’s employees, service providers and suppliers, as well as business partners to act in line with our core values of honesty and integrity, complying with all applicable laws.


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Anti-Corruption Manual

Anti-Corruption Manual is a document intended for guiding Raízen’s employees, service providers and suppliers, as well as business partners in a practical manner, ensuring that they take anticipatory measures when fighting bribery and corruption.

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Policy of Interaction with the Public Administration / Public Agents

Raízen is committed to maintain the highest standard of Ethical Conduct, in compliance with the laws in force in each of the markets in which operates. Based on these terms, the Policy of Interlocution with Public Administration / Public Agents is intended to supplement the Code of Conduct and create guidelines compatibles with principles of compliance that should be directed to the employees with relationship with the Public Administration and Public Agents, brazilian or foreign.

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