We have integrated and optimized logistics processes, which cover a distribution network of 175 million kilometers of Brazilian roads with support facilities at 68 terminals – all dedicated to annual sales of 25 billion liters of fuel. To ensure excellence in operations as complex as this, we have developed targeted solutions to serve the specific needs of our aviation, retail and industrial clients. 


We serve more than 1,500 clients in the B2B (business-to-business) segment, such as passenger and freight companies, agricultural firms, mining companies, railroads and industries. We invest in efficient management, capable of offering savings and sustainability for all.
To achieve our objectives, we create products for efficient consumption, such as Expers. This smart tool assists in the management and control of transportation fleets. It also allows for purchase accounting so that, consequently, there can be a reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
Visit the section of our website dedicated to fuels for service vehicles and fleets and learn more about our products for the industry.


In retail, Raízen distributes fuels bearing the Shell brand. There are over 6,200 service stations spread across all Brazilian states offering customers a high standard of service and quality.
We invest in equipment, ongoing staff training, attention to Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) standards and services besides refueling. We're committed to maintaining our focus on excellence throughout our network – it's what keeps customers satisfied and loyal.
Click on the Shell Stations tab and learn more about what our service stations have to offer.


We are present in 68 airports, which collectively account for approximately 95% of the market demand for aviation fuel. Our 320 employees serve approximately 1200 customers in the airport segment with a high standard of quality - inherited from the Shell brand’s nearly 90 years of operational experience in Brazil.
The scope of the company's activities in this sector reflects its efficient logistics, high quality products and, especially, compliance with safety standards in all operations. Raízen is also preparing itself to meet the challenge of anticipated growth in the sector, from increased demands for flights to hosting large international events, such as the World Cup and the Olympic Games.
Learn more about the fuel that was specially developed for the sector. Also, have a look at our network of service stations in Brazil.

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