Brazil is currently one of the world's leading producers of cane sugar and Raízen plays an important role in this field. In a nation with fertile soil for the cultivation of sugarcane, we have become the single largest exporter of sugar to the international market, with annual production of approximately 4.2 million tons.

The sugar segment is a significant part of our business today. We have established a leading position by adopting global standards of production that pair quality and efficiency in all processes, which allows us to channel much of the final product to the foreign market.

Innovation and pioneering spirit

We constantly invest in research, technology and the creation of new solutions within this segment. We have inherited a history of pioneering development of VHP (Very High Polarization) sugar and are at the forefront of the production of organic and liquid sugars in Brazil.

Sugars types

  • Amorphous refined sugar: This type of sugar's granulometry is very fine and irregular. It has excellent whiteness and is extremely hygroscopic, meaning it can absorb a great deal of water. It is mostly used for domestic consumption.

  • Sucrose liquid sugar: Clear, limpid, odor and flavor-free, this sugar has a 65% to 68% concentration of solids. It is obtained by refining dissolved crystal sugar in dechlorinated water, which after specific treatments, generates an ideal product for processes requiring high-purity.

  • Inverted sugar syrup: Clear syrup that has no turbidity, odor or flavor. It is produced through a process of controlled acid hydrolysis that uses a solution of sucrose, which results in a mixture of sucrose, glucose and fructose.

  • Demerara sugar: Obtained from sugarcane broth through a natural clarification process, this type of sugar features regular sugar crystals, a characteristic that makes it ideal for food processing applications that require flavors, colors and different textures.

  • VHP crystal sugar: Intended for foreign markets, its raw composition allows customers to transform it into different types of sugar for consumption.

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