Previous Sponsorship

Previous Sponsorship

  • Piracicaba's Books: "Que amamos tanto", "Um rio que passou em nossas vidas" and "A Doçura da Terra"

    Editing and publication of the third edition of the trilogy that depicts the history, culture, traditions and the strong relationship of the sugarcane sector with the municipality.

  • Meeting of Violas

    Concerts of Orquestra Paulistana de Viola (the Viola Orchestra of São Paulo City), with free admission, performed in open spaces, open to all families. The project benefits the hospitals Boldrini and Grendacc – Grupo em Defesa da Criança com Câncer de Jundiaí (Group in Defense of Children with Cancer in Jundiaí).

  • Octeto Bachiana (Octet) & Maestro João Carlos Martins (Conductor)

    Shows of the Octeto da Filarmônica Bachiana (Bachiana Philharmonic Octet) and Maestro João Carlos Martins (Conductor), in enclosed spaces, open to the public.


Previous Sponsorship

  • Circuito Grand Slam de Tenis in the Interior of São Paulo

    Offer amateur tennis players in the interior of São Paulo a circuit of 4 tennis tournaments per year associated with 4 Grand Slam tournaments of the ATP (Associação dos Tenistas Profissionais - Association of Professional Tennis Players).

  • Um Passe para a educação (A Pass for education)

    A Pass for education is a project which uses soccer as a tool for social change for youngsters from the community of Paraisópolis, Sao Paulo. During the project the children received nutritional reinforcement, transport, nutritional and dental care and sports equipment

  • Taubaté Handball

    A social inclusion project through handball, for 300 underprivileged children in the Taubaté region, aimed at promoting civic awareness and social economic development.


Previous Sponsorship

  • Vocational School

    Project of intense preparation of young students for the employment market, protagonism of life and ascension. Workshops for professional qualification. In Barueri, we also support the institutions CAMP and APAE.

  • #Arte Jovem (Young Art)

    Campaign with the objective of promoting the maintenance of the project entitled #Arte Jovem in the city of Santa Ernestina, directed towards 300 teenagers of every kind, offering sports, cultural and leisure activities free-of-charge.

  • Espaço Pipa

    Contribute to the minimization of barriers that prevent the social protagonism of children/teenagers with down syndrome, through the qualification of their interactions in social contexts and the extension of their informational, artistic and cultural universe. In Piracicaba, we also support CESAC, Funjape, Casa do Amor Fraterno, Avistar, Passo a Passo and Centro de Reabilitação.


Previous Sponsorship

  • Stock Car

    The Shell Racing team participates with two cars in Stock Car racing, the biggest motorsport category in Brazil, which had its first season in 1979. For the 2018 season, Shell racing will have Ricardo Zonta and Átila Abreu as their drivers. 

  • Brazilian Touring Car Racing

    Known for being the training ground for drivers aiming for Stock Car, the Brazilian Touring Car championship aims to work with training new drivers. In the Brazilian Touring Car Championship, Shell Racing count on the driver Dennis Dirani, vice-champion in the same category last year, in what was his debut season. 

  • Karting

    Inspired by European programs which take young karters to the top categories, such as F-1, the Shell Racing Academy of Drivers is a unique initiative in Brazil promoted by Raízen to ensure support for young motor racing revelations and help their future steps in motorsport. 


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