Raízen is an energy company that works with everything from the cultivation of sugarcane, the production and sale of ethanol, sugar and bioenergy, all the way to the distribution of fuel through Shell service stations all over Brazil. We are a joint venture between Shell and Cosan, a growing union driven by its talents and its technology. We believe that culture, sport and education are the energy that move society, contributing to the creation of a better future.

Committed to promoting cultural, social and sporting activities, Raízen supports a range of projects every year, using the Raízen and Shell (which is licensed to Raízen in Brazil) brands.

Through the Raízen brand, we encourage social and educational projects, in addition to theatrical and musical performances. While with the Shell brand, we are present in a range of Brazilian motorsport categories, projects related to the fuel market, and others.

This directive seeks to inform and clarify the parameters used by Raízen when analyzing requests for sponsorship and social investment. 


Raízen looks for projects which are aligned with the mission, vision and underlying principles of the company, as well as with the business objectives. The complete material can be found here. Some examples:

  • Reinforce the value proposition aligned with the underlying corporate principles;
  • Enhance recognition and add value to the brand;
  • Move the brand closer together with local communities and qualified public;
  • Strengthen the association of the Shell brand with Brazilian motorsport;
  • Improve the relationship with clients and workers, and build new relationships;
  • Promote the social development of the communities in which we work, through social, cultural and sporting projects.
  • Operate with the subjects of Education and Social Inclusion as the keys for creating positive social change.
  • Contribute towards the creation of a better future.


Considering our business and positioning objectives, our main areas of focus are:


  • Theater and music projects with strong visibility, performed in places with good infrastructure and location, preferably with performances in more than one location.
  • Cultural projects with subjects related to the company’s area of operation. (Ethanol, Sugar, Energy, Fuel, etc.) 
  • Social /educational projects developed in cities where Raízen has facilities.  


  • Motorsport projects
  • Projects with strong visibility, carried out in locations with good infrastructure and location.
  • Social /educational projects developed in cities where Raízen has facilities.


  • Projects focused on education (infant, complementary, vocational, environmental, and self-awareness) and the social inclusion of People with Disabilities and undergoing Oncology treatment in the cities where there Raízen has facilities. 


Raízen make investments through their own resources or using incentives. The tax incentive mechanisms used by Raízen are:

Law for the encouragement of culture (Rouanet Law)  - Art.18
Law for the encouragement of Sport
Municipal Fund for the Elderly (FMI)
National Program for Oncology Care Support (PRONON)
National Program of Health Care Support for Disabled People (PRONAS)
The Municipal Fund for the Rights of Children and Adolescents (FUMCAD)
Cultural Action Program (PROAC) / SP
Program to Encourage Sport (PIE)/ SP
State Law for the Encouragement of Sport /RJ
State Law for the Encouragement of Culture /MG
Law to Encourage Culture (LIC)/RS



All of the requests for support are made through the completion of the online form available on the Raízen website.

The projects will be analyzed, and those which are more in line with the strategic investment directive shall be submitted for approval by the Internal Committee.

All requests will be answered within a deadline of 30 business days starting from the date the project was sent. 

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