We are Brazil's largest producer of electricity from biomass — bagasse and straw — which is a by-product from ethanol and sugarcane production. We invest in high technology and have an ample supply of raw materials in our power plants. We have the potential to make use of more than 25 million tons of biomass per crop year.
This alternative for reuse gives us confidence that we are on the right track, both in our quest for profitability and respecting the environment. We allocate part of this biomass for cogenerated power, which reduces CO2 emissions by avoiding the burning of these materials in the field.
Besides these benefits, power generation from biomass is an important alternative for Brazil's energy sector. And this is particularly useful, because as it is a technology that can supplement the nation's production of hydroelectric power. The harvesting of sugarcane and the generation of bioelectricity from biomass take place in the same period during which hydroelectric reservoirs experience low water flows (i.e., the dry season).
Energy cogeneration from biomass is a cleaner and renewable option, which will help Brazil meet the future challenges to its energy grid and grow its profile in the energy sector, while simultaneously achieving higher profitability and sustainability.


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