Raízen believes ethanol is the "fuel of the future." This alternative energy is generated from a renewable and plentiful source in Brazil: sugarcane. We have taken on years of tradition and experience in the industry from  Cosan and, since forming the joint venture which resulted in our company, we have invested in technology and have certified sugarcane mills in accordance with the highest international standards.

Our current production volume reaches 2 billion liters per year and will continue to grow to meet expanding demand in Brazil and the world. Besides being a product targeted for the foreign market, biofuel is gaining more and more ground in Brazil. Today, all gasoline sold in Brazil has 25% anhydrous ethanol content in its composition, which is contributing to a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere. Industry surveys indicate that biofuel, in comparison to gasoline, emits 90% fewer greenhouse gases.

Sugarcane as the best option

Ethanol can be produced from a variety of planted crops, such as corn, sugar beet, wheat and cassava. However, sugarcane has demonstrated itself to be a superior raw material. Brazilian technology developed in the 1970s has shown that sugarcane ethanol's fuel energy balance (i.e., the ratio of energy released by burning a given ethanol fuel to the energy that was used to produce that ethanol) is five times greater than that associated with corn ethanol, for example.
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