Shell Aerojet is the premium kerosene with additives distributed by Raízen through the Shell aviation fuel brand available in various airports in our Brazilian network. Its additive process is carried out through fueling equipment and offers no risk of exposure to hazardous vapors, while ensuring the additive is mixed in perfect proportion.

This fuel has anti-freeze, anti-fungal and anti-static functions that minimize or eliminate problems in business jets, turboprop aircraft and helicopters.

Shell AeroJet’s Advantages:

  • Antifreeze Function: Moisture inside fuel tanks can turn into ice during a flight or even when the plane is on the ground. The antifreeze present in Shell Aerojet helps eliminate this risk by offering greater security in case the fuel temperature control system fails

  • Anti-fungal Function: This function is very important for aircraft operating in humid conditions, because the formation of water inside a tank creates an environment that allows the growth of bacteria and fungi. The anti-fungal additive present in Shell Aerojet helps prevent such proliferation and damages resulting from it

  • Anti-static Function: Shell Aerojet’s anti-static additive helps dissipate electrostatic charges which may form during flight, before they reach dangerous levels

Consult our list Shell Aerojet fueling service points in Brazil.

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