The Shell Diesel Inverno (Winter) was developed exclusively for the Southern region of Brazil to improve vehicle performance in low temperature regions.

Its special formulation reduces vehicle ignition problems and clogging of filters in low temperatures in the hinterlands and mountains.

How does it work?

All diesel fuel contains paraffin molecules, which are natural components of the oil from which it is produced. Paraffin is important for the fuel, due to its high cetane number, which enables good ignition quality.

In very low temperature areas, if diesel fuel is too cold, paraffin can begin to crystallize. These crystals clog a vehicle’s fuel lines and filters, which leads to loss of power or even full engine shutdown.

Shell Diesel Inverno has a CFPP* that causes diesel to reach the point of crystallization at a lower temperature than that of regular diesel — in other words it keeps the fuel flowing when common diesel has already crystallized.


Reduce average fuel inventory to the maximum as of April and start replacing it with Shell Diesel Inverno. Thus, the problems caused by paraffin crystallization in the cold period will be avoided.



* CFPP - Cold Filter Plugging Point. The CFPP test provides a means to predict diesel fuel’s behavior at low temperatures. It measures the flow of the fuel through a well-designed system under conditions that simulate actual an operating system. NOTE: CFPP is not a guarantee of a minimum operating temperature. Minimum Operation is controlled by a combination of fuel design and characteristics of the fuel system and may vary depending on winter weather.

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