Shell Evolux ARLA 32 was developed to help diesel-fueled vehicles reduce emissions of particulate materials by up to 80% and emissions of NOx (Nitrogen Oxides) by up to 60%*.

The ARLA 32 solution became mandatory for all diesel vehicles upon introduction of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) units produced as of January 2012 in the P7 phase of the Automotive Vehicle Air Pollution Control Program (Proconve).

What is ARLA

ARLA – initials (in Portuguese) for the NOx Liquid Automotive Reducing Agent — an aqueous solution whose composition involves 32.5% of pure urea dissolved and mixed in de-ionized water. This liquid is neither toxic nor inflammable and can react and neutralize vehicle emissions of NOx (Nitrogen Oxides).

To achieve the emission levels required by law, vehicles need to use products containing ARLA, such as Shell Evolux ARLA 32. The lack of this agent can lead to catalytic converter damage and a reduction of up to 40% in vehicle torque.

How to buy it

Shell Evolux Arla 32 is sold in Shell’s chain of service stations and also through direct sales to companies. 

At our service stations, the product is available in 10- and 20-liter packaging, thereby guaranteeing supply of the product even on long-haul routes. In addition to the smaller packages, Shell Evolux Arla 32 is also sold 1,000-liter containers.

Check the list of service stations that sell Shell Evolux ARLA 32.


The packaged product is delivered sealed and, after use, must not be refilled

*In the P7 phase, in comparison with Proconve P5.

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