Shell Evolux Diesel was especially developed to offer a number of real benefits* to vehicles compared to regular diesel of the same sulfur content.

*These benefits reflect the results of tests made by shell on diesel engines of buses and trucks with Shell Evolux Diesel, compared to regular diesel of the same sulfur content. The results may vary according to the type of vehicle.


More Power

Using Shell Evolux Diesel results in a clean fuel injection system through the control of deposits, providing a more responsive vehicle when it needs more power, such as uphill and overtaking.

Greater Savings

Better cleaning of the fuel injection nozzles, ensures more efficient combustion in the engines, which helps reduce fuel consumption.

Lower maintenance costs

The components of its exclusive formula help to prevent corrosion, thus avoiding problems in the pump, the fuel lines and the injection nozzles. It provides improved separation of water and aids the draining and storage process of the fuel in the tanks, which maintains the quality of the diesel, contributing towards increasing the life-span and the time between revisions of the injection system.

Lower emissions

The more efficient combustion of Shell Evolux Diesel and the better cleaning of the fuel injection system help to reduce the emission of CO2 and smoke from the vehicles. Check product availability of the S-10 version, which is suitable for diesel powered vehicles made since January 1, 2012.

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