We work to minimize operating risks during our production, distribution and commercial activities. We operate with safety management systems and promote initiatives to prevent situations that could negatively affect the health and safety of employees and communities, or damage the environment, the company's image and business profitability.  

Learn more about our activities to identify, monitor and address new risks:

  • Management systems: Methodologies adopted to avoid risks and establish operational efficiency guidelines;

  • Safety programs and campaigns: Initiatives that promote the values and reinforce the processes of health, safety and environmental protection among our employees and partners.

Management system

The health and safety of our employees are our top priorities. We have an Integrated Operations Management System (SIGO) to identify and manage the risks involved in production activities.

SIGO allows us management control over the company's Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) activities. The system establishes standards and methodologies for operational risk management, including those in our agricultural and industrial activities. Since its implementation, we have been able to significantly reduce incident occurrences and employee absenteeism.

SIGO consists of nine elements that guide the activities of employees and encourage appropriate behaviors in the performance of their functions – one is managerially focused, addressing management responsibility, commitment and leadership; seven are focused on operations; and the ninth focuses on assessments, thereby allowing us to confirm the integrity of operations and promote continuous improvements in our processes.

When properly trained, employees become multipliers of good practice and behavior in the workplace. Working together, we have achieved operational efficiencies at all levels of the company.

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